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Erase your iPhone when it gets stolen

By logging into your iCloud account, you can erase all of the data on your iPhone remotely. This will keep your private information, such as credit card numbers and login credentials, out of the hands of thieves. Although, it’s important to mention that after erasing your device, you won’t be able to use tracking apps […]

Install security apps that enable remote location and wiping

An important security feature widely available on smartphones, either by default or as an app, is the ability to remotely locate and erase all of the data stored on your phone, even if the phone’s GPS is off. In the case that you misplace your phone, some applications can activate a loud alarm, even if […]

Wipe your phone clean before getting rid of it

If you plan on selling your phone or giving it to a friend, make sure you delete everything that’s on it first. Take a minute to think about which files you want to hold on to. These could be pictures, messages, phone numbers, notes, etc. Back all of that data up into the cloud or […]

Keep your mobile phone safe

Your mobile devices probably contain more private data than you’d like to admit: pictures, emails, phone numbers. All of this can be stolen and copied by hackers. One of the first and most important steps to keeping your phone safe is setting up a lock screen. Also, don’t house ultra-sensitive files like documents with your […]

Reset a phone or tablet to factory settings before giving it away

Thinking of upgrading to a new mobile device? Make sure you completely wipe all of the information on the old phone or tablet before giving it away or trading it in. This is usually pretty easy to do, as there’s a button within the settings menu of the device that allows for a factory reset.

Don’t give your phone to a stranger

Your phone likely contains a lot of sensitive data that only you really need to see. For that reason, it’s advisable to avoid lending it to anyone you don’t know”?, particularly if it’s already unlocked. There are a lot of creative stories that people come up with to justify “borrowing” your device in a pinch, […]