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Set a screen timeout for your Android device

If unauthorized parties have access to your mobile device, even for a short amount of time, they could discover and exfiltrate a large amount of personal information. Never leave your Android device unattended and set up a screen timeout followed by immediate locking. You can change the timeout length under the Display menu for Settings, […]

Connect an Android phone to your Chromebook for streamlined security

Some Chromebooks support automatic pairing with Android phones. This combination makes it easy to share a data connection between the two devices and to sign in without having to type in a password. An on-device security application can help protect your Android handset or tablet from multiple threats. Total Defense Mobile Security shields against malware, […]

Never leave devices unattended

It is important to remember that laptops, phones and tablets should never be left unattended. Ensure your devices are with you at all times. If you are staying in a hotel, the best thing to do is lock them in a safe. If a safe is not available, lock them in your luggage. And, while […]

Enable Security Features to Protect and “Find My Phone”

Misplacing or having your devices stolen can put a damper on vacation plans. It can easily happen to anyone. Set up the “find my phone” feature on your devices. This will allow you to find, remotely wipe data and/or disable the device if it gets into the wrong hands. Make sure all devices are password […]

Turn off your iPhone’s lock screen notifications

Even if you have a super advanced password, sensitive information can still be revealed via lock screen notifications. You could get an email from your doctor with a confirmed appointment time or a text from your friend giving away their address. If someone untrustworthy is near your iPhone when notifications like these pop up, that […]

Wipe data on your old smartphone before you donate, resell, or recycle

Your smartphone contains personal data you want to keep private when you dispose your old phone. To protect your privacy, completely erase data off of your phone and reset the phone to its initial factory settings. Then, donate, resell, recycle, or otherwise properly dispose of your phone.