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Set push notifications to show less information

Push notifications show up on your phone whenever you receive a message, email or alert from a service or app you have installed. While the majority of them are innocuous, these could potentially give anyone sneaking a peek at your phone insight into your private life or personal information. In your phone settings, you can […]

Manage push notifications on your mobile device

Push notifications pop up on your phone home and lock screen so you don’t miss important information or updates. These can be really useful for you to see important information as soon as it arrives, but it also runs the risk of allowing others to see personal information you may want kept private. Adjust push […]

Only use your own devices and don’t let others use yours

Especially when you want to do anything that requires you to log in, avoid using other people’s computers or devices. This goes for public access machines in cafes or libraries too. Bad actors can install a type of malware known as a keylogger, which tracks every keystroke and stores it, allowing them to discover your […]

Who’s listening?

Most mobile devices will be initially set up with some forms of voice recognition active. Take the time to go through your settings and deactivate any voice-related assistive services to ensure your phone or tablet is not listening to your conversations unbeknownst to you and whomever you’re talking with.

Don’t mix work and pleasure

If you work from home, request that your employer give you a dedicated work laptop or computer. Keeping work and personal data separate will reduce the risk of cross contamination or incidental slips that could lead to serious data breaches. Where possible, do the same with mobile devices; ask for a work phone or tablet […]

Be sure to lock all your mobile devices

You lock the front door to your house, and you should do the same with your tablets and smartphones. Employ strong passwords to lock down your tablet and phone. Securing your devices keeps prying eyes out and can help protect your information in case your devices are ever lost or stolen.