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Implement an MDM solution

Deploying a mobile device management (MDM) system is deemed a must for enterprises aiming to safeguard and govern corporate-owned mobile devices effectively. MDM software facilitates administrators to remotely set up, supervise and fortify devices utilized within the company. This ensures the implementation of strong security measures, such as device encryption, passcode mandates and data wipe […]

Enable ‘Find My Device’

You can protect your mobile devices from loss or theft by enabling the “Find My Device” or similar tracking features available on most smartphones and tablets. These tools allow you to locate your device’s last known location, lock it remotely or even erase its data if necessitated. To activate this feature on iPhone, go to: […]

How to safeguard your mobile devices with internet security software

From banking to messages, your mobile device contains a plethora of important — oftentimes sensitive — information, making it a target for cybercriminals. These criminals will leverage gaps in mobile security to gain unauthorized access, resulting in both professional and personal consequences. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to fortify your mobile devices, such […]

Use dark mode to preserve battery

Lots of smartphone users switch their display to dark mode because they find it easier on the eyes. But, it can conserve your battery life, too. Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) devices use individual light-emitting diodes to light the screen, which means that less electricity is used in dark mode because fewer bulbs are at work. […]

If your phone’s interface looks odd and you’re experiencing performance issues, check your launcher

One of the most effective types of malware for phones is malicious launchers that take control of your device’s interface. In addition to limiting your phone’s capabilities, they can potentially track everything you do on the device. They’re also likely to cause performance issues, such as poor battery life. If you experience odd symptoms like […]

Disable mobile connectivity technologies you don’t use

While faster than 4G LTE, 5G has to function in addition to 4G LTE connectivity, meaning having both on at the same time can rapidly drain your battery. Many mobile devices these days support 5G technology and have it on by default, but not every area is covered by 5G. If you’re in an area […]