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If your phone’s interface looks odd and you’re experiencing performance issues, check your launcher

One of the most effective types of malware for phones is malicious launchers that take control of your device’s interface. In addition to limiting your phone’s capabilities, they can potentially track everything you do on the device. They’re also likely to cause performance issues, such as poor battery life. If you experience odd symptoms like […]

Disable mobile connectivity technologies you don’t use

While faster than 4G LTE, 5G has to function in addition to 4G LTE connectivity, meaning having both on at the same time can rapidly drain your battery. Many mobile devices these days support 5G technology and have it on by default, but not every area is covered by 5G. If you’re in an area […]

Back up your camera photos

There are many services that can back up your camera storage to the cloud to preserve your memories even if you lose access to your phone. They often offer paid plans with higher storage caps if you have a large amount of content you want to save. These services also offer additional features such as […]

Be sure to safely discard old devices and drives!

They say that deleting something from a computer or hard drive doesn’t really get rid of it, and unfortunately, it’s true. If you get rid of a hard drive or give away an old PC, you should be careful – people could recover your past activities and files. Using a deep deletion utility first, or […]

What’s Bluetooth used for?

Bluetooth is a technology that permits devices to connect with each other without cables or wires. It is an electronics “standard,” which means that producers that want to include this feature must include specific requirements into their electronic devices. These specifications safeguard that the devices can distinguish and interact with other devices that also use […]

Beware of hijacking ads on mobile devices

Ads designed for mobile devices can be assertive and disrupting. For example, you might be loading a page in a browser only to see a message telling you you’ve won a prize and then sending you to a different page. Never click on anything these ads show you. To avoid them entirely, it might be […]