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Check your banking account statements regularly

Review your banking, credit card, or payment service statements regularly to ensure there are no unauthorized charges or withdrawals. Be sure to shred bank and credit card statements before throwing them in the trash. Recent events have seen a increase in the use of online shopping, mobile payments and online banking, it’s more important than […]

Sign up for email alerts to quickly verify your online transactions

If available, sign up to receive an alert whenever your cards make a transaction. If you ever receive a suspicious alert, you’ll be the first to know. This way you can quickly contact your bank or credit card company to alert them of the fraud on your account and prevent any further damages.

Keep an eye on your bank statements

Recent events have seen a big rise in the use of online shopping, mobile payments and online banking, it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on your financial accounts for possible fraud. Check your bank and credit card statements regularly to make sure there’s nothing wrong.

Routinely check your bank statements

If you never check your bank statements, you might not know you’re a victim of identity theft until it’s too late. Consistently reviewing your bank statements is a simple way to ensure your credit or debit card details have not been leaked. Set a weekly reminder to visit your bank statements online, look over your […]

Mobile Banking and Payments Best Practices

Do you use a banking app on your phone? While mobile banking is very common among some age groups – for example, 69% of millennials take advantage of it – it’s not all that popular overall, with only about one-third of all U.S. bank account holders engaging in it. Its slow adoption might be traceable […]

Take advantage of cardless ATMs

ATMs have long been targets of sophisticated cyberattacks designed to steal PINs or extract data from old-fashioned magnetic stripe cards. Luckily, there’s an increasingly common way to avoid giving away so much info when trying to withdraw or deposit cash – cardless ATMs. Some banks allow you to login in to one using your phone, […]