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Biometrics: Which popular phone has the best security?

Biometrics have come a very long way since the original smartphones. As a welcome alternative to constantly typing in your PIN or password every time you want to unlock the phone, biometrics are both convenient and secure. So how do the newest phones handle biometric security? Let’s compare a few to see how each stacks […]

Know how savvy cybercriminals think

Skilled cybercriminals who get a hold of your credit or debit card information typically won’t start making large charges right away. If they did, you or your bank would catch them quickly. Instead, they’ll begin with small purchases and work their way up into larger transactions. This makes them harder to detect. It’s vital to […]

Go over your credit card statements periodically to check for unusual activity

There are several reasons you’d want to stay aware of what happens with your credit card. You don’t want unwanted recurring charges draining your bank account — maybe you stopped using a particular streaming service months ago and are still being charged for it. You’ll also want to stay on top of your credit statements […]

Don’t enter your credit card information anywhere unless you plan to purchase something

Some sites or people online might say they need your credit card information for something like identity verification. Don’t respond to these requests. Be extremely careful whenever you give anyone or any website or app financial information that can be used to charge you.

Protect your contactless payments with an RFID-proof wallet

Contactless technology is fantastic, it allows us to pay for small transactions quickly and easily without the trouble of punching in a PIN. But it also leaves you vulnerable to having your account infiltrated by anyone with an RFID reader and the right nefarious software. To protect your cards from unwanted transactions and fraud, purchase […]

Consider using mobile payment options instead of credit cards

Lots of smartphones now include NFC chips that allow them to be tapped at point-of-sale terminals. Payment options like Apple Pay are both convenient and highly secure, since they don’t transmit your actual card number to a merchant, only a unique identifier associated with your device.