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Keep your mobile phone safe

Your mobile devices probably contain more private data than you’d like to admit: pictures, emails, phone numbers. All of this can be stolen and copied by hackers. One of the first and most important steps to keeping your phone safe is setting up a lock screen. Also, don’t house ultra-sensitive files like documents with your […]

Log into your Google Account with two-factor authentication

Do you use Gmail? If so, it’s probably a good idea to set up two-factor authentication to ensure that even a stolen password isn’t enough for someone to break in. You can use SMS (text message) or, preferably, more secure methods like the Gmail mobile app to confirm each new login attempt.

Set up security code change notifications in WhatsApp

Every WhatsApp conversation has its own security code to indicate that the exchange is encrypted end-to-end. It is presented as both a 60-digit code and a QR code. Sometimes, the code will change, such as when someone switches devices or reinstalled the app. You can turn on notifications about these changes within WhatsApp settings so […]

When in doubt, use a retailer’s app instead of its website

Buying something on a PC typically entails visiting the seller’s website. A lot can go wrong en route, including visiting an imposter page that isn’t properly secured with HTTPS. Mobile apps bought from stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play are carefully vetted for malware and vulnerabilities, making them safer in comparison. Do […]

Avoid mobile redirect pages by using an extension or privacy-focused browser

Mobile ads can be very assertive. In some cases, you’ll be browsing a site only to have the page hijacked to another one saying you’ve won a prize, which you most likely have not. The only reliable way to avoid these risky redirects is via an extension to a browser such as Safari on iOS, […]

Is your Android AV software putting you at risk?

Android is the world’s most popular consumer operating system, powering billions of phones, tablets and other internet-connected devices. Since its earliest days, though, the OS has had a reputation for being less secure than its primary competitor, Apple iOS. The main reasons behind this perception have included the extensive permissions in the Android API that […]