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Know your apps: enhance security and privacy

Before downloading an app, take a moment to review its details and understand its purpose. Be mindful of the permissions it requests, such as access to your location, contacts, or personal information. Decide whether you’re comfortable granting such permissions and if the app’s benefits outweigh the potential privacy concerns. Regularly review your installed apps and […]

Periodically review the permissions granted to mobile apps

If you use Apple, you can access app permissions in the Settings app under “Privacy.” For Android, this can typically be found in the “Apps” or “Application Manager” section of the Settings app. Revoke unnecessary permissions for apps that don’t require them, limiting their access to your personal information. Notably, be particularly mindful of granting […]

Check your phone for unwanted apps

Sometimes, software can be installed on your phone or computer without your knowledge. It’s a good habit to occasionally check the list of apps installed on your devices and make sure you recognize everything on there. If you see something that looks unfamiliar or you no longer use, uninstall it. Be sure to check the […]

Time to get rid of your unused apps!

It’s not just about de-cluttering your closet or bookshelf, it also applies to any digital stuff you have, like your phone apps. Take a look through your phone and if you come across an app you haven’t used in a while (or ever!), get rid of it. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by reducing […]

Stay away from malicious phone apps that ask to change your launcher

Phone launchers offer more features and functionality people love. However, stay away from malware that represents itself as a legitimate launcher. Your launcher controls virtually everything on your phone, and using a malicious launcher can be a severe security risk, not to mention it’s likely to make your phone unusable. They can also be tricky […]

Be careful of the permissions you give to apps

Be wary of app permissions that don’t seem appropriate. If an app wants access to the information in your email accounts, for example, it may be trying to steal personal data. It can be tricky to know for sure if an app permission request is legitimate or not, so err on the side of caution […]