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Your computer has been locked!

Today hackers run malware-spreading campaigns that distribute and promote virus messages claiming to be from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. An example of such malware is the FBI Greendot Moneypak Virus. The message says “Your computer has been locked!” and the malware program is actually locking the system. The hacker wants to hide the actual […]

Another threat has joined the espionage malware family: PixSteal

Deep analyze reveals this malware steals images with JPG and JPEG extensions as well as memory dump files with DMP extension from anywhere in the system, then sends them to hackers remote FTP site, by copying all in a hidden command prompt batch script process. Here’s a piece of the script used by the malware, […]

Malware Stealing Victim’s images Uploading to FTP

We came across a new type of information stealer “Win32/PixSteal.B” which steals images and windows memory dump (.jpg , .jpeg and .dmp) from infected machine and uploads the same to a remote FTP server located in Germany. This malware opens a command line silently and copies all .jpg, .jpeg and .dmp files present in C, […]

Dissecting Fake Youtube Plugin which scams Facebook users

Introduction We have been coming across many facebook scams. This sample which is taken from one of such scams has an interesting feature in it. It checks for the location of affected victim, and based on the country where the victim is located, additional scripts are injected. The victim is redirected to many other sites […]

DNSChanger FAQ

The FBI will turn off the rogue DNS servers on Monday July 9th, 2012.  Please review the following FAQ to better understand this threat. What is DNSChanger? DNSChanger, also known as Alureon, is a high profile piece of Malware that modifies the DNS settings on the victim PC to divert Internet traffic to malicious web […]

Digital Resurrections – malicious links piggybacking on trending videos

News trending on most major, and a few tech websites, is the re-animated emergence of a digital avatar resembling a long deceased musician. 2Pac videos have gone viral, and as expected it’s almost too good an opportunity for the malware guys to pass up. It must be mentioned that the video format itself is not […]