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Update your browser plug-ins

Cybercriminals often target outdated plug-ins like Flash and Java since they’re easier to infect with malware. Keep hackers out by making sure you’re always running the latest version of those plug-ins, or, even better, don’t use them at all. Many sites now use HTML instead anyway.

Uninstall Java whenever possible

Most people use the Java runtime to engage with applications on their browser. However, many are unaware of the vulnerabilities in the Java platform. By visiting an infected website with a Java-enabled browser, your system can easily become compromised, even with advanced antivirus solutions in place. For this reason, you should only have Java installed […]

Avoid Java unless you really need it

Like Flash, Java has long been associated with specific types of desktop applications and with numerous security issues. The weakest link in your security chain is the most popular app you haven’t’ updated, and for a lot of people, that’s Java. Luckily, it’s possible to get by without Java in many cases. Disable or uninstall […]