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Texting smackdown—iMessage vs. SMS—what you need to know

Ever wondered why your iPhone messages are sometimes blue and sometimes green? It’s all about iMessage and SMS, two different texting options. But the difference goes way beyond just the color. Here’s the breakdown: The Takeaway: For super secure chats and sharing cool stuff, stick with iMessage when texting between Apple devices. But if you’re […]

Reused passwords–your iPhone can help you spot the risk

We all know the importance of strong, unique passwords. But let’s be honest, remembering them all can be a struggle. Luckily, iPhones with iOS come with a built-in password manager to help you out. This handy tool not only stores your logins but also helps you identify potential security risks. Here’s what to watch out […]

Silence the spam: filter unknown iMessages on iPhone

Feeling overwhelmed by random texts on your iPhone? iMessages can be a great way to connect, but they can also be a gateway for unwanted messages. Luckily, iPhones with iMessage have a built-in feature to silence the spam: filtering unknown senders. This handy tool helps keep your inbox clutter-free and protects you from potential scams […]

iPhone backups – don’t forget the password lock

Backing up your iPhone is crucial. But what if someone gets their hands on that backup? Luckily, iPhones with iTunes or Finder backups offer a hidden gem: encryption! Think of encryption as a fancy password lock for your backup. It scrambles your data, making it unreadable without the password. This means even if someone finds […]

Lock it down – keep your iPhone safe from USB snooping

Ever worry about someone accessing your iPhone data while it’s locked? Fear not, you can easily disable USB accessories, like flash drives or keyboards, when your phone is locked. Imagine your iPhone as a treasure chest, and your data as the valuables inside. Disabling USB access is like adding a lock on the chest, preventing […]

How to step up your Apple ID security

Got an Apple ID? Lock it down with two-step authentication (2FA.) It’s like adding a double lock to your digital door, making it extra tough for anyone to sneak in. Why bother? Imagine someone gets your password. With 2FA, they still need your approval to log in. It’s like needing both a key and a […]