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Limit what you share on social media to protect your identity

Social networks are vast, eminently searchable data repositories. As such, it’s usually a bad idea to post any personally identifiable information on them because you don’t know who might see it. Don’t ever share your address, birthday or Social Security number in any online public forum, whether Twitter or a message board.

Pay with credit instead of debit when shopping online

E-commerce sites are typically well-protected from attacks. However, you can further reduce your risk by paying with credit, or with a gift/prepaid card, instead of debit. That way, you have more protections from identity theft and no prospect of your bank account being cleaned out if your card number is stolen.

How to protect your identity when traveling

Identity theft is a constant concern for travelers and anyone who uses the internet or a payment card. Here’s how to reduce your risk.

Beware of False E-Commerce Websites

It is a very common habit of internet users to download the videos or unknown software from the reputed video sharing websites. There is nothing un-common in doing so, but there could be a chances of luring the users in the form of presenting advertisements to the types of interesting draw contests of false websites […]