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Think before you share: keeping your personal life private online

We’ve all gotten excited and wanted to share something online but hold on a sec! The internet is like a giant digital scrapbook, and once something’s out there, it can be hard to erase. Here’s how to be a smart sharer and keep your personal life, well, personal: Imagine the internet as your neighborhood: You […]

Your phone’s PIN–don’t make it easy to crack

We all know locking our phones is important, but a weak PIN is like leaving your front door wide open. Those simple PINs like “123456” or repeating numbers are easy to guess, especially for someone who knows you. So, how do you create a strong PIN that keeps your phone secure? Think Strong, Not Simple: […]

Avoid accidentally revealing personal information online

Be careful when streaming, gaming, chatting online, taking photos, or doing anything else that might compromise your privacy. It’s extremely easy to accidentally reveal your identity and location online. Whether you’re a streamer who does business from their home, a gamer with a microphone or showing yourself online in any form, take steps to conceal […]

Use more than one email account

Your email account is one of the most important sources of personal information there are. If someone were to break into it, your confidential data could be decisively compromised. You should have a minimum of two email accounts, with one being a secure backup in case one email account is compromised and you need to […]

Don’t get rid of a hard drive without really erasing it

When you remove something on your computer hard drive, it’s not really gone, just inaccessible through the normal user interface. To really get rid of it, you’ll need specialized software that overwrites the deleted data multiple times. Also, keeping your old drives in storage instead of throwing or giving them away will also lower your […]

Try not to use your debit card for online buying

Most credit cards offer some protection against identity theft and may limit the monetary amount you will be responsible for paying. Debit cards do not offer that protection. Because the charges may be instantly deducted from your account, a hacker who obtains your account information may empty your bank account before you even realize it.