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Keep an eye on your mobile devices

To prevent theft, loss of sensitive information and unauthorized access to your personal information, don’t leave your mobile devices unattended in a public area. That also includes any USB or external storage devices you may carry with you. While traveling, if you plan on leaving any devices in your hotel room, be sure those items […]

5 tips for avoiding online identity theft

We’ve all heard about identity theft. But does it ever actually happen? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. The Federal Trade Commission received nearly 2.1 million identity theft claims in 2020, roughly twice the amount it received the year prior. The scammers are out there. With a little due diligence, you can keep your identity safe […]

To protect your identity limit what you share on social media

Social networks are enormous, highly searchable data storehouses. Given that, it’s typically a bad idea to post any personally identifiable information on them because you don’t know who might see it. Don’t ever share your address, birthday or Social Security number in any online public forum, whether Facebook, TikTok, Twitter or a message board.

Search for yourself online using operators

Doing a quick Google or Bing search of yourself can help you find out which of your personal information is publicly available. You may also be able to find out if any unauthorized people are using your name. By using operators, you can adjust your search to find out this information. Add an @ sign […]

Consider identity theft coverage in your medical insurance plan

If someone gets their hands on your social security number, they could use it to access your insurance plan and receive medical services, incurring debt in your name. Some insurance plans have identity theft coverage, so you won’t be held responsible for any of the costs or damage to your credit.

Find publicly available information about yourself on Pipl

Pipl is a website that finds public identity information. When you search for yourself on this website, Pipl’s identity resolution engine service collects whatever online information about you it can find and shows you what other people can see. Keep in mind there are several other sites that do this, too, and Pipl alone might […]