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Update your new smart TV before logging into any accounts

Smart TVs provide a wonderful array of entertainment, but they’re also an entryway into your home network. In the time that a smart TV has been manufactured, packaged and shipped off to a distributor, there may have already been several security updates released by the developer. To rest assured that your network is safe, download […]

Encrypt your data when file sharing important documents

File sharing services are major boons to productivity, especially given the increasingly hybrid workplace. Businesses depend on seamlessly sharing documents to collaborate without a hitch. However, file sharing also raises many cybersecurity challenges. Employ a file sharing service that offers end-to-end encryption; a feature that ensures sensitive data is protected from bad actors or unauthorized […]

Be mindful of insider threats to company security

As tough as it is to believe, some cyberattacks originate from inside the company under attack. Whether it be a malicious insider or a careless employee, plenty of data breaches occur from within an organization. To safeguard against insider threats, enforce strict security policies and deploy a smart security system to increase network visibility. Keeping […]

Place a DNS filter on your home router to block menacing websites

The domain name system (DNS) can be used to protect your network from malware, spyware and other malicious threats. A DNS filter can actively block out websites that may contain a threat, spam or harmful content, like child pornography. Rather than returning an IP address as normal, the filter will deny the request and block […]

Be cautious with workplace chat services

With the large increase in the hybrid workplace, many chat Apps like Slack have become are hugely popular in today’s workplaces. However, they can log your conversations and may allow supervisors to view information without your knowledge. It’s best to use discretion or resort to other communications channels for non-work-related private matters.

Use your laptop’s screen lock feature when you leave your workstation

Whether you’re working in public or in the office, it’s important to secure your laptop when you leave it unattended. Many newer laptops contain a very practical screen lock tool. Much the same way a computer would automatically lock after a few minutes, this allows you to manually initiate the feature. While your device continues […]