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Don’t forget to log out of work software

Many remote workers tend to stay logged into company applications (such as email and project management platforms) when they’ve finished their work for the day. However, staying logged in when you’re not actively working can lead to security risks. That’s because your anti-malware software alerts you when there may be cyber threats and you can […]

Avoid public charging when out and about

Many establishments like airports have charging stations with USB plugs that you can use to charge vapes, e-readers, laptops, tablets and phones. However, threat actors can load malware onto these ports to “juice-jack” — accessing and stealing data from devices being charged. Carry a charged portable power bank with you to charge your devices on […]

Mobile scanning apps can save you time while you’re on the road

Scanning applications for smartphones use the device’s camera to scan the physical copy and convert it to a PDF file you can send via email or a messaging app or save to your cloud. They also adjust and enhance the image. Adobe has Android and Apple-friendly versions. Additionally, these apps often provide features like text […]

If you’re on the go, encrypt everything you possibly can

If you’re the type of person who carries around a lot of sensitive information on any type of external storage medium, encrypt it and add password protection. That way, if you lose it or a criminal steals it, the information inside can’t be read. Consider using reputable encryption software to further secure your digital assets […]

If you own a business, consider replacing your MPLS network with SD-WAN

Multiprotocol layer switching (MPLS) networks have, for decades, been the gold standard for businesses that need wide-area network connectivity between several different locations. But due to their age, they have difficulty integrating with newer technologies such as cloud computing. They’re also notoriously expensive and difficult to configure. An increasingly popular alternative to MPLS is software-defined […]

If you do remote work, invest in a decent webcam

The last thing you want during a video call is to look unprofessional with a grainy or low-resolution camera feed, so purchasing a quality webcam is worth it. However, just because a webcam claims to have features such as full HD support doesn’t mean the image won’t look terrible. Perform your due diligence, look at […]