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Vet your partners and vendors before sharing data

Your business may have a strict cybersecurity policy and a team that follows all the necessary best practices and guidelines. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that third-party vendors can say the same. Think twice before sharing your sensitive business data with partners and validate their data protection policies to ensure they’re up to your standards. […]

Worried about a cyberattack at your company? Perform a risk assessment

Cyberattacks are a hot-button issue given the state of global affairs. If you’re worried about your company being targeted, the first step is simple: Audit your network environment for risks and identify the most sensitive assets that need to be protected. This will help your business get a read on where your vulnerabilities are and […]

Protect your enterprise with machine learning capabilities

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two of the most valuable tools for any company’s cybersecurity stack. Not only can they automate many of the most critical data protection processes, like data classification and threat mediation, but they also improve over time. In other words, they learn how to adapt to threats as they change […]

Do your research before buying an IoT device

The Internet of Things (IoT) has introduced a lot of useful devices to the digital world, but also plenty of corresponding cybersecurity risks. Before purchasing smart devices, be sure to ask yourself if it’s absolutely necessary. Read reviews and do some digging to find out if the manufacturer has a history of data breaches or […]

Use a zero-trust approach to network security

If you manage an enterprise-grade network, you’re likely responsible for keeping sensitive corporate data under lock and key. When employees and outsiders access your corporate network, they could also potentially access unprotected data. Zero-Trust Network Access verifies the identity of a user before allowing them entry into the network – thus preventing unauthorized users from […]

When going paperless, be sure to use a proper DMS

Many businesses are digitizing their records to streamline workflows, improve productivity and make important documents easier to retrieve. Most importantly, digitizing physical documents is a great way to ensure they don’t go missing. To do so securely, use a document management system (DMS) to store important files in one cloud setting. A good DMS can […]