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Remove deactivated plugins from your website

Building a website is often about taking advantage of useful widgets and plugins to beef up the user experience. But sometimes, certain plugins fade out of popularity and are no longer active. Keeping these outdated plugins can be a major risk to website security because they no longer receive updates from the developer. Hackers have […]

Eliminate hackers dwelling on your network with a Managed Detection and Response system

Dwell time refers to the duration of time that hackers spend perusing your network undetected. In many cases, hackers dwell for hundreds of days before their actions are noticed by the victim. Companies should employ a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform to actively patrol their network for suspicious activity. Even if a threat evades […]

Keep in mind that hackers are usually liars

If your business or organization is extorted by a ransomware attack, the hackers will threaten to release “sensitive information” they obtain from your network. In most cases, however, hackers are actually lying — they don’t have any sensitive information at all. Keep this in mind before your company agrees to payment. Not only can you […]

Worried about protecting your business? Try a cloud-based solution

Businesses collect large amounts of data. This makes them susceptible to cyberattack, especially from hackers aiming to hold a company ransom. The best way for an organization to protect its data is to automate security protocols with cloud technology. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can patrol your network end-to-end so that suspicious activity won’t go […]

Don’t let ransomware ruin your holidays or weekends

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly common worldwide. Businesses large and small are being robbed of their data, money and security. Estimates by Cyber Ventures indicate small businesses in particular are attacked every 11 seconds and make up over half of all ransomware damages worldwide. But with so many threats, how can you stay protected? To […]

Be on the lookout for shortened URLs

Hackers will often use shortened URLs in messages or posts to disguise malicious links. It can even have a misleading path accompanying it to make you believe it’s safe. There are several tools online where you can copy and paste the link, after which the tool will tell you where the link actually leads. If […]