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LockBit busted: a win in the fight against ransomware

Remember LockBit, the notorious ransomware gang that caused havoc worldwide? Well, justice has been served! In a global effort, law enforcement authorities from many countries, including the US and UK, successfully disrupted their operations. Imagine LockBit as a digital villain, holding people’s data hostage for ransom. This takedown is like capturing the mastermind and putting […]

Public Wi-Fi: convenient, but creaky

Public Wi-Fi: free internet on the go, sounds tempting, right? But hold on, public Wi-Fi is known for its security gaps, so be cautious if you must use it. Imagine public Wi-Fi as a free public restroom – convenient, but not exactly the most secure place. Hackers can lurk on these networks, waiting to snatch […]

Strong passwords are your digital armor

Passwords – those pesky strings of letters and numbers that guard our online lives. We juggle them daily, from ATMs to emails, and remembering them all can feel like a brain drain. But here’s the wake-up call: in today’s digital world, strong passwords are your first line of defense against hackers, and weak ones are […]

Shield your valued accounts with extra layers of security

In today’s digital world, not all online accounts are created equal. Some, like online banking, e-commerce, and social media, hold sensitive information that makes them prime targets for cyberattacks. To safeguard these accounts, consider implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) and creating strong passwords. Two-factor authentication: an extra barrier against hackers 2FA adds an extra layer of […]

The most dangerous malware of 2022

2021 was, unfortunately, a predictably good year for cybercriminals. With remote and hybrid working solutions gaining popularity, people are using the internet in more ways than ever before, making them ripe targets for cybercrime. In addition, malware that targeted major government infrastructure succeeded with the Colonial Pipeline, which was the victim of a ransomware attack. […]

Delete your ancient WhatsApp messages

Most of us can leave WhatsApp chats hanging around like a gallery no one ever visits. By periodically getting rid of the conversations, you don’t need to see or reference anymore, you’ll prevent any sensitive details from falling into the hands of a thief. They don’t even need to physically steal your phone either – […]