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Your voice, your choice: managing recordings on Google devices

Love your Google Home for playing tunes and answering questions? But wait, are those conversations being recorded? Don’t worry, you’re in control! Let’s dive into managing your voice and audio activity on Google. Remember those “Hey Google” moments? Your smart speaker stores recordings of your questions and commands. It can be handy for revisiting things […]

Learn how to sign out from your Google account on all devices

If you’re concerned about unauthorized access to your Gmail account, due to forgetting to log out from a shared computer or noticing suspicious activity, there’s an easy solution. At the base of the Gmail web application, there’s a section labeled “account activity” with an associated link. By clicking this link, you will be directed to […]

Enable two-factor authentication on your Google Account

Do you use Gmail? If the answer is yes, then it is highly recommended to establish two-factor authentication. This additional layer of security ensures that a purloined password alone will not grant an intruder access to your account. You have the option to confirm every new login attempt via an SMS or, for a more […]

Delete old files in Drive to free up space for other Google services

Every Google service typically uses a fixed amount of storage shared across all platforms. That means if you have a lot of files on Google Drive, it’s taking up the same space on Google Docs and Gmail. While Gmail will automatically free up space for new emails if your storage is full, it won’t do […]

Avoid duplicating apps on your devices

So much information about our lives is stored in our devices that it can be easy to lose track of it all sometimes. This is especially true if you begin doubling up on apps that essentially do the same thing. If, for example, your phone already has a calendar app installed but you prefer Google […]

Set up two-step authentication on your Apple ID or Google Account

You probably have at least one device that runs either iOS or Android. In order to protect your data and identity, set up two-factor authentication so that every login attempt requires an additional credential on top of your username and password. This might be a text message code or an approval from another trusted device.