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Ever Wonder What Your Smart Speaker Hears? Check and Clear Recordings!

Ever wonder what your smart speaker has been listening to? We all know they’re handy for playing music and answering questions, but they also record your voice commands. While this helps them learn and serve you better, it can also be a privacy concern. The good news is, you can easily review and delete those […]

Need Privacy? Take Control of Your Smart Speaker’s Listening Ears

Smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are super handy. They can play music, answer questions, and even control your smart home devices. But here’s the thing: they’re always listening for that wake word (“Alexa,” “Hey Google”) to spring into action. This can be a bit creepy for privacy-conscious folks. Silence the Listening: The […]

Level Up Your Login Security: Google Prompts to the Rescue!

Ever worry about someone snagging your password and sneaking into your accounts? Two-factor authentication (2FA) is your security superhero, adding an extra layer of protection. And for your Google Account, there’s a super convenient 2FA option called “prompts.” What are Prompts? Imagine trying to enter a building – you need a key (your password) and […]

Mystery machines – check your Google account devices

Ever lend your phone to a friend and completely forget they logged into their Google Account on it? Or maybe you sold your old laptop without wiping it clean. These situations can leave a digital trail – your Google Account access on someone else’s device. Yikes! But don’t panic, there’s a way to check and […]

Your Gmail settings: a quick security check-up

Ever feel like your Gmail might be acting a little…strange? Maybe emails are going missing, or you see unfamiliar addresses in your “Sent” folder. Don’t worry, it could be a simple setting gone rogue! The good news is, Gmail lets you customize tons of stuff, from how you view emails to where you send them […]

Keep your Google account safe: add a recovery number

Ever feel a little lost in the login maze? We’ve all been there But fear not, tech adventurer adding a recovery number to your Google Account is like having a secret key to get back in. Imagine forgetting your password and feeling locked out of your digital life. A recovery number is your digital lifeline, […]