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Stick with major web browsers

There are a lot of options for browsing the web. A good rule of thumb is to stick with major web browsers that are regularly updated with critical security patches and other features. Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera are all good options in this respect.

Add an electronic signature to your emails

Not to be confused with the closing salutation at the end of an email, an electronic (or digital) signature proves that a message hasn’t been tampered with. It’s the digital equivalent of a wax seal on an envelope. Some email providers like Outlook have built-in signature capabilities, and there are also third-party tools like Chrome […]

Be mindful of Google Chrome’s privacy settings

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. It also has a complex sign-in system that might result in more of your data being collected than you had intended. Starting in September 2018, Chrome will sign you into the browser itself if you log into any Google services – e.g., Gmail, YouTube, etc. […]