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Zero-day bugs and the importance of regular updates

Zero-day bugs have been a hot topic for cybersecurity in 2022. Google’s July announcement of its fourth zero-day exploit of the year is enough to worry even everyday Chrome users. But are zero-day bugs really cause for concern? Let’s look at what zero-day means, how it’s exploited by hackers and what you can do to […]

Stay with major web browsers

There are many options for browsing the web. A good rule of thumb is to stick with major web browsers that are regularly updated with critical security patches and other features. Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera are all good options in this respect.

Use Google Password Manager to identify compromised passwords

If you allow Google Chrome to save your passwords, you can find a full list of them by going to while signed into your account. At the top of this page is an option to “Go to Password Checkup.” This does a comprehensive scan of all your saved passwords and flags any that are […]

Be picky with Chrome extensions

From ad blockers to video screenshotters, Chrome extensions make browsing the web even more convenient than it already is. However, beware Chrome extensions that aren’t very well known. Some of them track your browsing history and can poach your data using spyware. Be sure to check recent reviews before installing.

Keep your eye out for Google Chrome extension malware

Extensions are great for enhancing web browsers, but they can also create security risks. For example, Google Chrome is probably just another trusted application to your operating system and antivirus software, meaning it – and its extensions – can run code without a hitch. Extensions may be malicious, though. Try looking for unusual names, obscure […]

Use incognito mode when browsing with Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a popular browser because it is convenient, user-friendly and reliable. However, it is not as secure as private browsers because it allows your IP to be tracked. If you prefer to use Google Chrome, use the incognito mode for all of your private browsing. It does not fully protect your privacy, but […]