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Clear your search history when using Firefox

While private browsers provide more security, some people prefer Firefox because they believe it’s faster, more customizable and promotes the use of open-source web technologies. If you prefer to use Firefox, you should take extra precautions. Make sure that your privacy is protected by routinely deleting your search history. To do this: Select Tools > […]

Use the Firefox Lockwise Android app for seamless security

Firefox’s built-in password manager, Lockwise, is useful for managing and using passwords in your browser, but it can be a bit cumbersome for websites accessed through a mobile email client or on a different device. For streamlined, automatically synced access to your passwords, download the dedicated Lockwise app and connect it to your Firefox account.

Use securely generated passwords from Firefox

If you use the latest version of Firefox, you have access to a handy feature from the built-in Lockwise password management app. Whenever you open a new account online, right-click on the appropriate field, select “Fill Password,” and then choose to use a securely generated code. Firefox will create a unique string of alphanumeric characters […]

Make sure you’re running the latest version of Firefox

It’s a good idea to periodically verify that you’re using the latest version of your preferred browser, even if automatic updates are enabled. For Firefox, simply open the hamburger menu, then select Help. From there, you’ll press About Firefox. If you’ve got the latest version, this screen will say “Firefox is up to date.” If […]

Change your default search settings on the mobile version of Firefox

You probably know by now that certain apps track your data and usage patterns while other service providers make your privacy the priority. To update your default search settings on the mobile version of Firefox, select Settings, then Search, and click one of the options there. DuckDuckGo is a popular option for many users because […]

Delete unknown cookies that have built up in Firefox

It’s a good idea to periodically review and remove cookies, especially those that you’ve acquired from unknown sources. To do this on Firefox, click the hamburger menu and select Options. From there, click the Manage Data button. You can search for cookies from specific websites or review all of them and delete what you want. […]