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Enable filters on your email programs

Most internet service providers (ISPs) and email providers offer spam filters; however, depending on the level you set, you may end up blocking emails you want. It’s a good idea to occasionally check your junk folder to ensure the filters are working properly.

Create different email addresses for different uses

Do you use the same email address for work and personal matters? A lot of vital information can be found in a person’s email account, so it’s smart to avoid keeping it all in one place. Rather, you can have one email address dedicated to work, one dedicated to your social media accounts, one dedicated […]

Stay away from spam

Spam campaigns are one of the most popular methods of attack among cybercriminals. The process involves sending out thousands of emails, usually from a phony source, with a fake promotion or offer in the subject line and body. The goal is to trick you into opening the spam email and clicking through to the alleged […]

Tighten up your email security

How many emails do you send per day? Have you ever emailed a picture of your passport or social security card? If a hacker gets access to your email account, they can find and take advantage of private data by looking through your inbox and sent messages. One good way to tighten up your email […]

Look out for phishing email scams

Cybercriminals will often send emails posing as representatives of trusted entities, such as insurance companies and banks, with the intention of retrieving your private information. If a hacker finds out which car insurance company you use, they might send you an email from an address that appears to be from that company. The message could […]

Never click on links or download files in emails from unknown senders

Whenever you open an email, first look at the source. Who’s sending it? Do you know them? If the source looks at all unfamiliar, proceed with caution. In the body of the email, there might be links or attachments with a message prompting you to click or download them. These files might contain malware. Some […]