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Don’t click the “unsubscribe” link in spam emails

If you open an email that appears to be a scam, never download or click anything inside the message, including the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom. Hackers may try to trick you into thinking you’re opting out of receiving more emails by unsubscribing. In reality, clicking on the link could end up infecting your computer […]

Switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail

Gmail has more advanced security features than Yahoo Mail. Plus, Google is known to respond more quickly to cyberattacks. So if you want more peace of mind while sending and receiving emails, make Gmail your go-to service. 

Don’t use your work email for personal reasons

Remember, when a hacker gets access to one device, they can potentially infect all the other devices on that network. So, if you accidentally click on a bad link in an email during work, you could be putting your entire company at risk. To reduce the likelihood of hackers breaching your company’s network, never use […]

Download advanced spam filtering software for your email account

Popular services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail already have spam filters built into them. However, they can’t protect your inbox from every single piece of spam that comes through. Clicking links and downloading attachments from these messages can infect your computer with malware. For an added level of security, consider using an advanced spam filtering […]

Be suspicious of unexpected emails

Phishing emails are currently one of the most prevalent risks to the average user. The goal of a phishing email is to gain information about you, steal money from you, or install malware on your device. Be suspicious of all unexpected emails.

How to protect yourself from cyberattacks during the coronavirus pandemic

The spread of COVID-19, aka the novel coronavirus, has had a profound impact on businesses and organizations across the globe. In order to help contain the virus, employers are doing their part by encouraging, or even requiring, workers to stay home and work remotely. With much of the workforce doing their jobs from home, there’s […]