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Stop phishing attempts in their tracks with email preview

Times have certainly changed for the majority of businesses as a result of the pandemic, and specifically, for the employees who are now working from home. This adjustment has caused industries and individuals alike to adjust their workflows. Job security isn’t the only thing to worry about, though; there’s also information security concerns. With so […]

Be careful with email attachments and untrusted links

Malware is commonly spread by users clicking on a malicious email attachment or a link. Don’t open attachments or click on links unless you’re confident they’re safe, even if they come from a person you know. Be particularly cautious of attachments with sensational names, emails that contain misspellings, or emails that try to entice you […]

Require two-step verification for Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail can be protected with two-step verification. Each time you sign in from a new device or application, you will be asked for a unique code in addition to your password. The code may come via text or voice call. Note that the phone number may be different each time.

Look for the “trusted sender” icon in

If you use for your personal email, be sure to take advantage of its built-in phishing protections. One of the most useful is a green shield icon next to the text “This message is from a trusted sender.” Also look out for yellow (spam) and red (fraud) icons.

Delete or re-secure your neglected Gmail accounts

If you have multiple Gmail accounts, close out any you don’t frequently use, or revisit and re-secure them with an updated password and multi-factor authentication. This reduces cybersecurity risk in several ways. First, it helps stop others from reading your emails. Second, it can prevent someone accessing one of these accounts and using it to […]

If something looks suspicious, delete it

Links in email, social media posts, texts, and online advertising are often how cybercriminals try to steal your personal information. Even if you know the source, when in doubt, throw it out. Definitely don’t click on a link from a stranger. Employ an email scanning software that scans your email for suspicious emails.