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Check NFT authorship before buying

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market is huge, and potentially lucrative. But it can also lead to terrible losses if you’re duped by fake collections. Don’t buy NFTs from unknown sources, and be wary of trading outside of official marketplaces. NFTs from franchises are usually easier to authenticate, but if you’re interested in individual or independent […]

Safeguard your small business transactions with an encrypted chip reader

Small businesses increasingly need digital payment methods to satisfy their customers. Hardware, like digital chip readers, are bridging this gap for business owners. To protect transactions, look for a chip reader with end-to-end encryption built into the device.

Financial cybersecurity: Tips for protecting your digitally accessible assets

While they may not create the same kind of sensational spectacle as the in-person heists of bygone eras, cyber threats present a real risk to financial consumers today. Whether you’re simply accessing conventional financial services through online access points or participating in more recently created cryptocurrency markets and exchanges, cybersecurity is a paramount component of […]