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Protect your enterprise with machine learning capabilities

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two of the most valuable tools for any company’s cybersecurity stack. Not only can they automate many of the most critical data protection processes, like data classification and threat mediation, but they also improve over time. In other words, they learn how to adapt to threats as they change […]

Do your research before buying an IoT device

The Internet of Things (IoT) has introduced a lot of useful devices to the digital world, but also plenty of corresponding cybersecurity risks. Before purchasing smart devices, be sure to ask yourself if it’s absolutely necessary. Read reviews and do some digging to find out if the manufacturer has a history of data breaches or […]

Choose your retro gaming emulators wisely

Retro gaming can be an exciting and fun blast from the past. However, some nostalgia trips are more costly than others. Older games were made with less advanced and secure technology. Emulators – replicas of classic games – are also available to download for gamers looking to enjoy their favorite childhood games, but not all […]

Looking for a movie to watch? Stick with legitimate websites

If one thing is for sure, piracy is rampant on the internet – especially when it comes to movies. It may be easy to find pirated movies online, but they often come at the expense of your cybersecurity. Such illegitimate websites often contain hidden malware and other threats. Protect yourself from these threats and stick […]

Download software only from trusted vendors

When cruising the internet on a PC or Mac, you’ll eventually run across websites imploring you to click a link or button to download a program. You should avoid most of these programs. Increase your security by setting your device to only run programs from the official app store for its operating system (OS), or […]

Demonstrate good online habits to kids

Teach children how to be responsible online, explain the risks of technology. Because the nature of the internet is so anonymous, it is easy for people to misrepresent themselves and manipulate or trick other users. Children present unique security risks when they use a computer—not only do you have to keep them safe, but you […]