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How to safeguard your mobile devices with internet security software

From banking to messages, your mobile device contains a plethora of important — oftentimes sensitive — information, making it a target for cybercriminals. These criminals will leverage gaps in mobile security to gain unauthorized access, resulting in both professional and personal consequences. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to fortify your mobile devices, such […]

Antivirus software on Amazon devices is pretty much pointless

Antivirus software is available for Amazon FireOS-based devices, but few to no cybercriminals are making malware for them. All they’ll really do is slow your device down and drain its battery. It’s also important to remember that Amazon FireOS is based on the Android operating system, so any antivirus that is downloaded will be looking […]

Private browsing won’t hide your information from cybercriminals

Many use private browsing when they want to hide their site history or ensure no login information is stored. However, it won’t stop your data from potentially being seen over a public network. For that, you’ll need a virtual private network (VPN), which is the only way to surf safely on public networks. VPN encrypts […]

Educate yourself on the most popular types of cyberattacks

Cybercrime is a constantly-evolving threat that is always finding new ways to breach your privacy. For example, phishing attacks develop new tactics to make them look legitimate, malware developers discover new ways to install them onto your device, and data breaches at companies that store private consumer information happen at alarming rates. To help protect […]

Notify the authorities if you believe someone is using your personal information to commit fraud

While it’s important to do your part to practice safe surfing and stay on top of your credit activity, if a cybercriminal is successful in committing fraud in your name — such as by using your information to collect unemployment payments — there’s a chance you could end up liable. To help protect you from […]

Know how savvy cybercriminals think

Skilled cybercriminals who get a hold of your credit or debit card information typically won’t start making large charges right away. If they did, you or your bank would catch them quickly. Instead, they’ll begin with small purchases and work their way up into larger transactions. This makes them harder to detect. It’s vital to […]