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Delete unknown cookies that have built up in Firefox

It’s a good idea to periodically review and remove cookies, especially those that you’ve acquired from unknown sources. To do this on Firefox, click the hamburger menu and select Options. From there, click the Manage Data button. You can search for cookies from specific websites or review all of them and delete what you want. […]

Consider the tradeoffs of ad blockers

Ad-blocking extensions in web browsers can keep intrusive ads off pages and potentially speed up your browsing. However, they can also break functionality on some sites, hog RAM and even collect data without your knowledge as part of their business models. Think carefully and consider that many of the most annoying ads are already blocked […]

Tons of temporary files can slow down a computer's performance.

5 tell-tale signs your PC needs a tune-up

Here’s what to look for when deciding whether your PC needs a tune-up.

Install extensions to boost browsing speed and protect your privacy

Pop-up windows, redirects and other aggressive webpage features aren’t just irritating – they’re also, in most cases, major drags on web browser performance, as well as harvesters of your personal information. Consider installing extensions (i.e., add-ons, available from each web browser’s official web store) that block these scripts. You can also configure them to whitelist […]