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Use biometrics whenever possible, but especially the more secure types

Biometrics aren’t all equally secure. Face unlock, for example, is less secure than a fingerprint because fingerprints are very difficult to fake, but a similar face may be able to unlock your data. In contrast, iris recognition and voice recognition are far more secure, offering highly personalized and hard-to-replicate keys to your digital kingdom.

What’s multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

Multi-factor authentication is a type of authentication that requires multiple pieces of evidence to validate a user’s identity. It typically involves up to three factors – something the user knows (like a password or PIN), something the user has (such as a security token or cellphone), and something the user is (a biometric characteristic, like […]

Biometrics: Which popular phone has the best security?

Biometrics have come a very long way since the original smartphones. As a welcome alternative to constantly typing in your PIN or password every time you want to unlock the phone, biometrics are both convenient and secure. So how do the newest phones handle biometric security? Let’s compare a few to see how each stacks […]

Use biometrics or a PIN

Biometrics includes data such as your fingerprint or face, which can be used to unlock your phone or log into apps. These tend to be much faster than typing in a password, and they’re generally secure. On the other hand, biometrics aren’t 100% secure and a stranger may still be able to unlock your phone. […]

Lock your mobile device

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) advises locking your device when you are not currently using it. You might only step away for a couple of minutes, but that’s enough time for someone to steal or destroy your information. Use strong PINs, passwords and biometric (fingerprints, facial recognition) to prevent others from opening […]

Consider using biometrics instead of a password

Every fingerprint is unique, meaning they make for a great way to secure your devices. A lot of smartphones come standard with a fingerprint scanner, and many more apps utilize it to keep your account safe. Biometrics are stronger than passwords and allow you to unlock your device and login to apps quicker. When some […]