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Regularly review app permissions and security settings

Continuously scrutinize the permissions and security settings of your installed apps. Some apps may update and request new permissions, potentially compromising your privacy. Adjust settings to the most privacy-conscious options and consider uninstalling apps that request unnecessary access to sensitive information. Additionally, be cautious of apps that have a history of security incidents or questionable […]

Know your apps: enhance security and privacy

Before downloading an app, take a moment to review its details and understand its purpose. Be mindful of the permissions it requests, such as access to your location, contacts, or personal information. Decide whether you’re comfortable granting such permissions and if the app’s benefits outweigh the potential privacy concerns. Regularly review your installed apps and […]

Review app permissions regularly

Protect your digital privacy by regularly reviewing and managing app permissions on your devices. This practice involves comprehensively scrutinizing each app’s access to your device’s features and data. Be discerning in granting permissions, providing access only to the resources apps genuinely require for their functionality. Regular reviews ensure that apps do not have unnecessary or […]

Remember to delete unused apps for additional privacy and safety

Old apps you no longer use (also called zombie apps) can present a security risk because you might not have updated your privacy settings on them. Android users can go into the Google Play Store, select “My Apps and Games” and sort them by “Last Used” to see the oldest ones. iPhone users can go […]

Be careful of granting sensitive permissions to new apps

Many apps — even well-known ones — ask for a long list of permissions when they’re installed. This can include location data, camera access, your email information, and other potentially sensitive permissions. Be wary of what you grant access: An image-editing app probably doesn’t need access to your emails to function. Note that location data […]

Time to get rid of your unused apps!

It’s not just about de-cluttering your closet or bookshelf, it also applies to any digital stuff you have, like your phone apps. Take a look through your phone and if you come across an app you haven’t used in a while (or ever!), get rid of it. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by reducing […]