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Periodically review the permissions granted to mobile apps

If you use Apple, you can access app permissions in the Settings app under “Privacy.” For Android, this can typically be found in the “Apps” or “Application Manager” section of the Settings app. Revoke unnecessary permissions for apps that don’t require them, limiting their access to your personal information. Notably, be particularly mindful of granting […]

Remember to delete unused apps for additional privacy and safety

Old apps you no longer use (also called zombie apps) can present a security risk because you might not have updated your privacy settings on them. Android users can go into the Google Play Store, select “My Apps and Games” and sort them by “Last Used” to see the oldest ones. iPhone users can go […]

What’s Bluetooth used for?

Bluetooth is a technology that permits devices to connect with each other without cables or wires. It is an electronics “standard,” which means that producers that want to include this feature must include specific requirements into their electronic devices. These specifications safeguard that the devices can distinguish and interact with other devices that also use […]

Be aware of options for remote device wipe

Losing a device is never fun. Your losing an essential tool while also possibly putting your data at risk, too. Services like Find My iPhone for Apple and Total Defense Mobile Security for Androidprovide some recourse, since they allow you to remotely wipe the device, erasing its contents and settings so that no one else […]

Don’t side load apps

Side-loading is the practice of downloading applications that have not been sanctioned by the operating system’s official app store. It’s ordinarily not worth the risk, as there’s no guarantee these apps have been scanned for malware. Best to only use the official channels.

Wipe your phone remotely if you lose it

Passcodes and facial recognition might not keep a thief out of your accounts, apps and personal media on a stolen phone. We highly recommend wiping the device entirely if you’re sure you can’t get it back. Here’s how to do so on Android: Visit Sign into your Google account associated with your phone’s main […]