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Adjust your cookie allowances

Cookies track your browsing behavior for a better user experience, which usually means more targeted ads and content. But that information remains with the website; it’s wise to limit your cookie trail. If you’re using Google Chrome, head into Settings > Content > Cookies to toggle your settings. You might want to deny all third-party […]

Prevent annoying adware by using an ad blocker

Adware is often used to collect information on us. It does this so it can decide which ads are most relevant to us as consumers. While helpful in theory, sometimes adware can interrupt the browsing experience with pop-ups and irritating displays. Ad blockers are usually free browser extensions that stop adware from being a nuisance.

Turn off ad tracking on Windows

Data is constantly being gathered while we are searching the web, allowing companies to serve ads based around that data. Even Windows itself is capable of tracking you via your advertising ID. Luckily, you can turn this feature off. Here’s how: Open the Windows settings app. Go to Privacy > General. There will be different […]

Set up Limited Ad Tracking on iOS

Overall, iOS has many built-in security and privacy protections turned on by default. There are additional features that can help shield your data from falling into the wrong hands. Under Settings –> Privacy –> Apple Advertising, you can toggle “Limit Ad Tracking” to control how much information is shared between apps.

How does tracking in mobile apps occur?

When you access mobile applications, companies don’t have access to traditional browser cookies to track you over time. Instead, third party advertising and analytics companies use device identifiers — such as Apple iOS’s Identifiers for Advertisers (“IDFA”) and Google Android’s Advertising ID — to monitor the different applications used on a particular device.

Curb online tracking in your browser

Most websites collect a lot of information on a visitor, which is then used to track them across the web and target ads. If you’re uncomfortable with that, consider setting up an ad blocker or installing specialized extensions that limit what any site can see about your device and activity.