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Ad blocker: think twice before banishing all ads

Tempting, isn’t it? Banishing those annoying, blinky, pop-up ads with a single click. Ad blockers promise a web utopia, faster and cleaner than ever before. But hold on – there’s more to blocking than meets the eye. Sure, ad blockers can be super handy. They silence the auto-play videos and banish the ads that follow […]

Spot and avoid common ad-based scams

While pop-up ads aren’t as common as they once were, they can still pose a threat to your device and security. These ads often contain deceptive messages, such as warnings about fake virus infections, outdated software, or suspicious phone numbers. If you encounter such ads, don’t panic! Simply close them immediately and avoid interacting with […]

Minimize your disruptions from intrusive ads

Advertisements are essential for many websites to generate revenue. However, some ads can be intrusive and disrupt your browsing experience. An ad blocker can help eliminate these bothersome ads. However, consider whitelisting legitimate sites with ads to support their content creation. Here are some simple tips for minimizing disruptions from intrusive ads: By following these […]

Toggle ad blockers to balance safety and usability

Ad blockers can be great for blocking annoying ads and protecting your privacy, but they can also break some websites. If you have an ad blocker installed, make sure you know how to toggle it on and off. Here are some tips for using ad blockers safely and effectively: By following these tips, you can […]

Use an ad blocker, except on sites that you trust

Ads are annoying, but they can also be dangerous. When you click on a malicious ad that leads to malware, it will instantly start downloading it. Ad blockers can prevent those malicious ads from showing up in the first place. However, some pages don’t work properly with ad blockers on, so turn it off if […]

Get a cross-app ad blocker

Few ad blocker software are created equal. Some only support one or two browsers; others are buried behind a paywall for features you’ll actually rely on. The very best, however, work smoothly across browsers and applications. You might have to pay a small monthly fee, but the peace of mind can be enormous when you’re […]