Ditch the defaults! Power up your IoT passwords

We all love our smart gadgets – smart speakers, robot vacuums, the whole crew. But here’s the thing: most of them come with factory-set passwords that are about as secure as a paper door. So, how do you turn your lovable but vulnerable IoT devices into fortress defenders?

Password Power Up

The first line of defense is strong, unique passwords for each device. Ditch the default settings – those are the first things hackers try! Here’s how to get creative:

  • Length Matters: Longer passwords are harder to crack. Many devices allow long passphrases – use that to your advantage! Think of a favorite movie quote or song lyric and add some numbers and symbols.
  • Get Personal (But Not Too Personal): Don’t use birthdays or pet names – hackers can guess those easily. Instead, take a favorite word and scramble it with numbers and symbols. For example, “LoVeMyDog” becomes “L0v3MyD0gg0!”
  • Be Unique: Resist the urge to reuse the same password for everything. If one device gets hacked, they all could be at risk!

Taking control of your IoT device passwords is a simple but powerful way to keep your smart home secure.

Don’t let your smart home be easy pickings! Learn how to create strong IoT passwords: [link to blog post] #SecurityTipoftheDay (278 characters)