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Anthem’s security breach: How to defend against Phishing attacks

Last Wednesday, an Anthem employee noticed a suspicious database query taking place inside the company’s network. The query was suspicious because no one triggered such a request. This was indeed an attack on Anthem’s database. The hackers managed to steal information such as names of the insured, dates of birth, social security numbers, addresses, phone […]

Meet Sandworm

Meet Sandworm The conflict between Russia and Ukraine which develops quickly into a widespread cyber conflict is also related to NATO and Western countries. The two countries have significant cyber resources and until now have only exchanged digital tussles, however the situation may develop quickly into a *real* cyber war. Modern Russia has a rich […]

Signs and symptoms of system infection.

Signs and symptoms are first things noticed in case of biological virus infection. Doctor’s questions and notifications are about symptoms and signs of the patient. Sign and symptoms are mechanisms to discover an infection as well as distinguish between different infections. While we are talking about cyber infection, things are a little different. Malicious software […]

Meet BadUSB – A serious security breach

A new security breach has been discovered that attacking mobile memory devices (Memory Flash Drives) and allowing hackers to steal information without being detected. The bad news: It cannot be blocked… The good news: Well, there’s no good news… Many workplaces (particularly government and security sectors) tend to forbid the use of Flash Drives on […]

Meet Shellshock – The internet latest discovered threat.

Heartbleed? Wait until you see this – A potentially far greater destructive security hole threatens huge amount of devices running UNIX-based operating systems, including Mac OSX!   Although we could relax a bit after the Heartbleed loophole story, the information security market is again windy and stormy over the past few days. Could it be […]

Infection and Cleaning in Corporate Environment

The corporate environment is more complicated than home one. There are a number of file servers and many tens to thousands client computers. An antivirus is usually installed on all those machines. In most cases it detects the malware that attacks a company, however there could be cases when malware outsmarts the antivirus , then […]