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Best practices for protecting your business from ransomware attacks

With the number of global ransomware attacks in the hundreds of millions, businesses — small and large — are promptly aiming to determine ways to protect and secure their business’ valuable information. Notably, ransomware attacks disproportionately affect smaller businesses; those with fewer necessary resources and know-how to prevent such cyberattacks. While cybercriminals become increasingly crafty, […]

The most dangerous malware of 2023

Malware attacks are becoming increasingly dangerous and damaging for businesses and individuals alike. For those who aren’t aware of the various forms of malware and refrain from implementing security measures, the risks of financial and reputational damage are higher than ever. Read on as we unpack the most dangerous malware of 2023, followed by the […]

Top 10 cyberthreats and how to defend against them

As recent years have been largely characterized by rapid technological increase, the capacity of cybercriminals has also shown no sign of slowing down. Rather, cybercrime is a threat that reaches into the trillions of dollars annually, predicted to be of a $10.5 trillion dollar consequence by 2025. With new avenues being exploited and old methodologies […]

The top cybersecurity threats facing small businesses in 2023

When it comes to cybersecurity, small businesses face an extremely threatening online landscape. Attacks such as ransomware are strongly on the rise, according to a report by SonicWall. Successful ones can cost a business massive amounts of money — about $1,200 per employee, per Osterman Research. If you think cybercriminals only go after large enterprises, […]

What to do in case of a data breach

Between 2013 and 2016, Yahoo was targeted by Russian cybercriminals to obtain private user information. This included names, email addresses, phone numbers, passwords and answers to security questions. Three billionusers were affected, making it the worst data breach in history. Data breaches are common, and nearly everyone has been affected by at least one (and […]

Are you sure that site is legitimate?

Typosquatting: hacking techniques are getting more complicated

Typosquatting is a big threat to cybersecurity.