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Comparing the security of popular browsers: Which is best at protecting your privacy?

Privacy is a big selling point for many internet users. Many rightfully worry that they’re being identified and tracked online. In the age after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it’s become obvious that many companies want as much of your personal data as they can get their hands on. In response, virtually every browser has extensive […]

Why you need cloud backup in addition to an external hard drive

During the 1990s, most PCs were notorious for making lots of noise whenever performing a CPU-intensive task like updating a spreadsheet, loading a video game or opening a busy webpage. Some of these sounds were related to the reading of media formats that have since become less important, such as floppy disks and CD-ROMs. Today’s […]

3 things to do when your passwords are compromised

You’ve probably heard about them on the news at some point or another. Something along the lines of, “Data breach at healthcare company! Thousands of users’ personal data possibly compromised!” Maybe you were even a client of that healthcare company, and you weren’t sure if you had been affected. Or perhaps you were just notified […]

Securing your home network: Simple steps you can take to protect your family online

Hackers grab the headlines constantly these days — usually for corporate ransoms and massive data leaks — but beneath these high-profile cases, other cybercriminals are targeting people like you: users on a home network. They can steal your information, log-in details and web history, knowing your network is much easier to breach than any company […]

How to stay private on three social media platforms

Friends and threats are usually easy to distinguish. The problem with social media is that anyone might be one or the other, all while knowing where you are, what you’re doing and how your life online has been playing out. We shouldn’t ignore this. On top of our problems with bots and scam artists, Tech […]

7 tips for safe online shopping this holiday season

Social media is a breeding ground for people looking to take advantage of others’ trust — and their desperation. Earlier this year, a severe baby food shortage led to many families clamoring for the product. Scammers profited off this by advertising fake supplies of baby food on social media platforms, and when a needy parent […]