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What features should you be getting out of cyber security software?

Getting hacked can majorly affect your life. The amount of information cyber criminals can gather about you in one way or another is incredibly frightening, and the population has certainly started to take note of this. According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration, around half of Americans who go online have started to lessen the amount of time they spend on the internet due to concerns about their security. 

The internet is an amazingly versatile tool, and it's a shame that so many people feel they can't use it because of the nefarious actions of a few malicious individuals. Thankfully, many of these hacking risks can be mitigated through the use of robust cyber security software. But what kind of features should you be looking for in such a product? 

Anti-phishing tools

Phishing is one of the most effective tools in a hacker's arsenal. Social engineering in general is a pretty solid way to gain access to a person's most valuable information, but phishing allows for a level of anonymity that other attacks just don't. While these scams often attempt to get the victim to give up their data willingly, they also can be used to distribute malware. A report from PhishMe found that 93 percent of phishing emails observed by the firm had links to ransomware in them. 

"Phishing is one of the most effective tools in a hacker's arsenal."

Therefore, any cyber security software worth its salt needs to have anti-phishing tools built in to help users avoid these kinds of attacks. This includes the ability to sniff out and block phishing emails, as well as fake social media sites used to log usernames and passwords. 

Automatic updates

Another way hackers attempt to gain access to your data is by infiltrating your computer via outdated software. A lot of people tend to ignore update reminders for all of the programs on their computer, which is a major problem in terms of overall cyber security. The reason companies put these updates out is because they are constantly reviewing their software, looking for and eventually patching the holes that they find. When you don't choose to enable these fixes, you're opening yourself up to attack. 

Outdated software is dangerous. Hackers use vulnerabilities in outdated applications to gain access to your system.

A solid cyber security software solution should help you with this task by automatically updating applications on your computer in order to ensure you're as safe as you possibly can be. 

Backup storage for when disaster strikes

Just about every computer user has some piece of data on their machine that's completely irreplaceable. Sadly, a huge portion of the population currently isn't taking any measures to prevent the loss of this data. Although any person's backup routine should definitely involve some sort of local storage option, users can also benefit immensely from an online cloud-based backup platform. 

As it turns out, all of these features and more can be found within Total Defense's Unlimited Internet Security software. This tool has provided countless users with the online protection they need, halting all sorts of cyber attacks and hacking attempts right in their tracks. What's more, this software can be installed on an unlimited number of devices, which means you can ensure the safety of every connected gadget you own.