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Anti-Virus for Mac

Viruses constantly evolve, our Anti-Virus Mac security ensures you’re totally covered with smart, and powerful protection. Give your Mac maximum protection without compromising speed and performance.

  • Advanced features keep your Mac safe from malware, spyware, ransomware, and harmful viruses so you can browse, shop, and bank with confidence.
  • Real-time anti-virus protection and free automatic updates; virus-free, hassle-free, and worry-free.

  • 1 Year
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  • 3 Year
Antivirus for Mac

Set it and Forget it

Total Defense Antivirus for Mac handles all your security needs so you don’t need to lift a finger. Once switched on, it combines a series of innovative technologies to automatically detect and remove any threat, without negative impact on your Mac’s speed and performance. Turn it on and forget about it.

Shop Online with Confidence

Online scams don’t discriminate between operating systems. Total Defense Antivirus for Mac has a special anti-phishing system that scans the webpages you browse and warns you when you come across fraudulent and malicious websites.

Shop Online with Confidence
Anti-Virus Security

Real Time Protection

Once your Anti-Virus Security software has been installed on your Mac, all changes to your files and system are monitored around the clock to ensure your computer hasn’t been compromised and performs optimally.

Ready, Set, Go

Total Defense Antivirus for Mac offers fast scanning and ironclad protection against malware without slowing you down. It’s so fast you probably will never know its there, protecting your every click.

Peak Antivirus for Mac Performance

Anti-Virus for Mac

System Requirements


You may install Total Defense Antivirus for Mac only on Intel-based Macintosh computers with OS X Mavericks (10.9.5) , OS X Yosemite (10.10 or later), OS X El Capitan (10.11), MacOS Sierra(10.12) installed.

Required for all installations:
Minimum 1 GB of RAM Memory
Minimum 400 MB available hard disk space
An Internet connection is required to register and update
Total Defense Antivirus for Mac


Supported browsers:
TrafficLight is available for Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome

Virus-free. Hassle-free. Worry-free.

Security designed for people, around people.

VB100 Certified
VB100 Certified

Our virus and malware protection is put through the toughest tests to ensure your are protected.

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Free US Tech Support
Free US Tech Support

Our friendly US-based team is standing by to assist with customer care & technical support.

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Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money within 60 days of purchase.

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Money Back
Virus-Free Guarantee

We're so confident in our virus protection, we will remove it for free or give your money back.

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Total customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Don’t take our word for it…


Total Defense is really easy to use.

- Alexandra T.

Total Defense 5 Star rating

My mother, who also has Total Defense on her computer, recently had an issue while I was overseas. She is 74. I emailed her exactly what to do to run a complete scan, and Total Defense picked up two issues from a suspect email she had received. She was very impressed with how quickly and easily Total Defense worked to fix the problem. Keep up the good work!

Total Defense Testimonial

Total Defense saved my:

  • Mom's computer
  • Email inbox
  • Sanity

I trust Total Defense.

- Jason R.

Total Defense 5 Star rating

When it comes to keeping my computer, files, and internet safe, I trust Total Defense, which brings me peace of mind by protecting my devices against attacks over the internet and beyond. I purchased Total Defense at P. C. Richard & Son; since then, I have witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of Total Defense at keeping my computer safe.

Total Defense Testimonial

Total Defense saved my:

  • PC & Android Devices
  • Security
  • Trust

I would definitely recommend this product, and already have to some of my friends.

- Nicholas H.

Total Defense 5 Star rating

I must say that I'm very impressed and satisfied with this product. The setup is very easy and can be used on multiple devices. It does not have the big name recognition of Norton or McAfee, and I was little hesitant to try it at first but having used them both, Total Defense beats them hand down on ease of use and price.

Total Defense Testimonial

Total Defense saved my:

  • Money
  • Patience
  • Computer resources

If you are on the fence about this one, the decision is obvious. Give this a try!

- Josefina G.

Total Defense 5 Star rating

Total Defense is the best anti-virus we have encountered yet. We used to use Trend Micro, but we have switched and never looked back. It works as one would expect, does an excellent job, and their customer service is excellent.

Total Defense Testimonial

Total Defense saved my:

  • Peace of mind
  • Family photos
  • Important documents

Total Defense has wonderful employees!

- Jan T.

Total Defense 5 Star rating

Besides having an awesome product, Total Defense has wonderful employees! Daniel in support was very helpful and kind over the phone. Plan to stay with your company and recommend your services to many others.

Total Defense Testimonial

Total Defense is:

  • Very helpful and kind
  • An awesome product
  • Heartily recommended

Total Defense Support was extremely helpful

- Paula V.

Total Defense 5 Star rating

Kristen in Support was extremely kind, patient, and helpful. She solved the problem with our computer. My husband and I are not very experienced with computers and she never got frustrated with us. We really appreciated her help.

Total Defense Testimonial

Total Defense Support:

  • Kind and patient
  • Problem solver
  • Helpful to beginners