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Turn on parental controls for Netflix and YouTube

These video streaming services allow for password-protected parent controls to constrain what children can view. When used on YouTube in particular, these protections are useful for protecting your kids from the misinformation campaigns and scams that are prevalent on the site.

Sign into your preferred media apps using your smartphone

If you’re using your smart TV to view media, whether it’s watching videos on YouTube, or listening to music on Spotify, try to make it a point to sign into these apps on your smartphone. They’ll often allow you to register your smart TV by following the link on the screen in your smartphone’s browser. […]

When at a friend’s place, consider casting your media apps

Most smart televisions will allow you to cast media apps, such as Netflix or YouTube, directly from your phone or laptop if connected to the same Wi-Fi signal. This is a safer, and in a lot of cases, more efficient way to view your favorite media without having to compromise your login credentials.

Personalize your YouTube ads

If your family shares a computer and you want to be able to control the types of ads your children or other family members see, you can personalize your ads in your YouTube settings. Otherwise, YouTube will try to show you targeted ads based on the data they collect about you and your family. To […]

Be mindful of Google Chrome’s privacy settings

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. It also has a complex sign-in system that might result in more of your data being collected than you had intended. Starting in September 2018, Chrome will sign you into the browser itself if you log into any Google services – e.g., Gmail, YouTube, etc. […]

Implement time restrictions for children when they’re using internet-connected apps

If you want to make sure your child doesn’t spend all day in front of a screen watching YouTube videos, you have the ability to limit their access. There are both hardware and software options that restrict the total time he or she can be online in addition to filtering specified content, freeing you from […]