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Windows 11’s got your back (mostly): level up your security

Windows 11 comes with built-in security features, like a valiant knight guarding your digital kingdom. But just like any knight, it might need backup. Consider adding extra security software for an even stronger defense. Think of it like adding a skilled squad to your castle. They work alongside the knight, offering multi-layered protection against various […]

Manage your startup programs for a faster PC

Having many programs that open automatically when you turn on your desktop or laptop can slow down the startup process. Removing unnecessary ones helps to increase startup speed. In Windows, go to your settings and select “Apps” and then “Startup.” Just hit the toggle to turn off the ones you don’t need. For Mac users, […]

Update your mobile apps and operating systems often

Outdated applications and Operating Systems (OS) are a breeding ground for malware since they often have known vulnerabilities that can only be fixed by upgrading. If you see a new version is available, install it right away. Many platforms, such as Apple iOS, even allow you to automatically schedule security updates so you don’t miss […]

Use system restore points as insurance against issues

If your computer starts slowing down and doesn’t respond to reboots, it could be time to return it to a system restore point. System restore functionality is native to both macOS and Windows. If enabled, it allows you to completely reset your operating system to a backup first created when all was still acting correctly.

Take advantage of ‘safe mode’

Most computer operating systems have a “safe mode,” which is used to evade viruses and other performance issues during a reboot. It works by only running the programs that are necessary to start up the system. This allows users to troubleshoot and identify programs that are preventing the system from working normally.  

Replace devices that don’t support modern OSes

Older operating systems are generally less safe than newer ones, especially if they’re connected to an IP network such as the internet. If you have any devices that do not support the latest releases of their OSes (e.g., a PC that couldn’t install Windows 10), think about replacing them with something more recent.