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Ditch the password—unlock your PC with your face

Sick of typing passwords all the time? Windows Hello can help! It lets you sign in to your Windows PC with your face, fingerprint, or even iris scan. No more scrambling to remember complex passwords. Plus, it’s more secure than a regular password. Hackers can guess passwords, but they can’t steal your face! Windows Hello […]

Windows 11’s got your back (mostly): level up your security

Windows 11 comes with built-in security features, like a valiant knight guarding your digital kingdom. But just like any knight, it might need backup. Consider adding extra security software for an even stronger defense. Think of it like adding a skilled squad to your castle. They work alongside the knight, offering multi-layered protection against various […]

Time for an upgrade – leap to Windows 11

Is your trusty Windows 10 feeling a little outdated? Don’t worry, upgrading to the latest operating system, Windows 11, can be a smooth and rewarding journey. Imagine your computer as a trusty car. Upgrading is like giving it a fresh engine, with new features and improved performance to fuel your digital adventures. Here’s how to […]

Capitalize on Microsoft Notepad’s functional features

Many people overlook this text editing application’s handiness, but it has a range of useful functions in Windows 10 and 11. For example, you can use the “Edit” tab to automatically add a time and date rather than manually writing it in the note. You can also utilize the .LOG function to automatically record the […]

Fixing a black screen on Windows is easy

Windows 10 and 11 may show you a black screen after you’ve started up your device, which causes it to shut down again. In Windows 10 and 11, you can press the Windows key and the “P” key or use the “Ctrl + Alt + Del” shortcut. This will allow you to switch to another […]

Don’t upgrade to Windows 11 yet if you’re happy with Windows 10

If you use Windows 10, you might have seen reminders in the OS recommending that you upgrade to Windows 11. However, this might not be necessary or even practical if you use software that doesn’t isn’t fully compatible with Windows 11. Most software that works on Windows 10 will also function on Windows 11, but […]