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Be careful when shopping online

Anytime you enter payment information on a website, you should be extra careful, since that data could potentially be tracked and harvested by hackers. Before purchasing anything, make sure you’re on a safe network, as in a network that you own, not a public Wi-Fi server. As a rule of thumb, don’t buy anything online […]

Always use WPA2 encryption for your wireless networks

It’s never a good idea to leave your Wi-Fi network open, since it can then be accessed by anyone in range. Make sure a password is required and that the network is encrypted by WPA2 – not by either the original WPA or WEP, both of which are outdated and have known exploits.

Stop auto connecting – disable remote connectivity and Bluetooth

Some devices will automatically seek and connect to available wireless networks. And Bluetooth enables your device to connect wirelessly with other devices, such as headphones or automobile infotainment systems. Disable these features so that you only connect to wireless and Bluetooth networks when you want to.

Create a guest Wi-Fi network at home

It’s likely someone has asked for your Wi-Fi password when visiting your home. A more convenient and safer alternative than giving it away is to set up a guest Wi-Fi connection. Guest networks can be left open, plus they isolate their traffic from your main SSID, which can prevent the spread of malware.

Is it Safe to Sign into Websites with Your Social Media Account?

Is it OK to sign into a website with your Facebook or Google account?