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Switch between “G” networks for better mobile signal

Although public Wi-Fi networks are readily available in most places, there are times when people need to use mobile data. Often, we may not get a strong enough signal on a 4G or 5G network. You can get around this problem by manually switching your phone to a 2G or 3G bandwidth. Android users can […]

Create a guest network to keep your Wi-Fi safe

Many Wi-Fi routers give the Wi-Fi’s owner the option to create a guest network for people who visit. These allow guests to access and use the internet, but they can’t access other connected resources like shared folders or connected devices such as printers. To set one up, access your router’s management software (usually accessible through […]

Find your Wi-Fi password with ease

In Windows, enter the Control Panel, and click “Network and Internet.” Then, go to the “Network and Sharing Center”, and select the network name next to “Connections.”  Choose “Wireless Properties” from “Wi-Fi Status,” and click on the “Security” tab, then hit “Show Characters.” This will promptly reveal your Wi-Fi password, which is hidden under Network […]

Don’t use public or shared connections for sensitive accounts

Securing your sensitive transactions online is of utmost importance. For any tasks that require your Social Security number such as managing an online bank account, buying something or performing some task, ensure that access of these activities is limited to devices you own, connected to secure networks such as your home Wi-Fi, cellular connection or […]

Disable Bluetooth when you’re not using it, both for security and battery purposes

Bluetooth transfers can contain sensitive information that’s unsecured similar to a public Wi-Fi network. Not only that, having Bluetooth on all the time can significantly drain your device’s battery. Turn it off when you’re not using it.

Stay on top of your network’s security

Ignoring your network’s security is a recipe for having it breached. Some may want to leech off your internet connection, which can slow it down or open it up to bad actors. Others may want the data that’s inside your network. If you’re an entrepreneur, you could be made vulnerable to data breaches or ransomware. […]