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Turn off automatic Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone device

Most smartphones have features that save on cellular data usage. For example, phones can automatically detect previously used Wi-Fi networks and connect to them when within range. Although you may save on data, you also risk compromising your device’s security. Public networks are less secure, therefore they are more susceptible to attacks. Prevent this issue […]

Use the built-in iOS feature to share Wi-Fi passwords

When you have friends, family or other guests to your home, chances are some of them may want access to your Wi-Fi. Instead of typing in a long password that the other person might see, you can use the Wi-Fi sharing feature in iOS 11 or higher that allows you to grant access to others […]

Don’t bank or shop on unsecure public networks

When viewing your online bank balance or making a purchase, it’s best to avoid networks you don’t normally use, especially public Wi-Fi hotspots that might reveal your activity to unwanted cybercriminals. Handle important transactions on your password-protected home network or with the help of a virtual private network (VPN) service.

Connect no more than 50 devices to a single home router

Consumer routers should hold no more than 50 connections. The more devices, the greater the security risk. If one device is compromised, all other devices on the network could be, too. A good rule of thumb is to connect your most used devices — those with the most personal data — to a second home […]

Don’t buy IoT devices from unproven vendors

The IoT (Internet of Things) is always increasing. Smart devices can range from your home refrigerator to your doorbell. For every device, however, there is an entry point into your home and your network. Check the reviews of IoT products before you buy and be on the lookout for any security complaints. The more confident […]

Toss your end-of-life IoT devices

Your smart home includes a wide variety of networked “Internet of Things” devices like cameras and thermostats. Unfortunately, many of them run software and firmware with known exploits that may never be patched. It may be best to responsibly recycle – many national retailers will take them – and get newer, safer replacements when there […]