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Use your smartphone’s data network instead of public Wi-Fi

Most public Wi-Fi networks aren’t encrypted. If you’re connecting to the free internet at an airport or coffee shop, hackers may snoop on your online activity and intercept your private information. Cellular networks, on the other hand, encrypt all of your data. So if you’re in public and need to connect to the internet, turn […]

Be smart on open public Wi-Fi networks

When you access a Wi-Fi network that is open to the public, your phone can be an easy target of cybercriminals. You should limit your use of public hotspots and instead use protected Wi-Fi from a network operator you trust or mobile wireless connection to reduce your risk of exposure, especially when accessing personal or […]

Instead of connecting to public Wi-Fi, use your smartphone as a hotspot

Accessing the internet with your phone’s data is more secure than doing so with the public Wi-Fi offered at places like coffee shops and airports. Hackers can easily invade these networks and track all the activity that goes on in them. So when you don’t have access to a VPN, use your 4G, 5G, or […]

Turn off AirDrop when using public Wi-Fi

If you’re using the same network as strangers, set limits for file sharing so that nobody can intercept your messages or send you unwanted files. If you’re on a Mac, go to Finder, click on AirDrop, then find the setting called “allow me to be discovered by” and switch it to “no one.”  You can […]

Read the terms and conditions before connecting to public Wi-Fi

People rarely read the fine print when signing up for something, but they should, especially when requesting access to a public network. By clicking “Accept,” you could be giving them permission to use your data. Do a quick scan of the terms and conditions on the splash page to locate any red flags before connecting.

When using public Wi-Fi, don’t download any sensitive assets

The programs and applications you download, as well as your internet history, can be monitored by the operator of a public network. To protect your privacy, set limitations on your activity while using public Wi-Fi in coffee shops, airports, etc.