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Access important accounts from web browser not links

Phishing is one of the oldest and most effective cyberattack techniques. Never click on any emailed or texted links claiming to take you to your account page for a password reset or other modification to decrease your risk of having sensitive data stolen. Instead, if you’re uncertain whether action is warranted, type the URL directly […]

Send “do not track” requests to websites

In your browser’s settings, you should be able to turn on “do not track,” which means every website you visit will be asked to refrain from tracking your data. While many sites will ignore this request, it’s a good way to start limiting how much of your data is being collected by online services.

Know the different types of HTTPS indicators

HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, one of the key protocols of the web. How do you know if a site is protected by HTTPS? Look in the URL (address) bar. It should say “https://” at the beginning. Depending on the browser and site, it might also include a padlock icon or a green […]

Toggle your ad blocker to balance security and usability

Not all websites work well with ad blockers. In some cases, their basic functionality will break unless the ad blocker is deactivated. If you have an ad blocked installed, make sure you know how to toggle it on and off. Keeping it on is a good idea on some websites that use aggressive advertising as […]

Force an HTTPS connection via browser extensions

HTTPS is secure and HTTP is not. You never want to shop, view your bank account or do anything similarly sensitive without an HTTPS connection. You can broaden HTTPS protections through browser extensions like HTTPS Everywhere, which encrypt the connections between your browser and the many common advertising and analytics sites that are loaded on […]

Don’t install anything you didn’t specifically go looking for

During the course of web browsing, you may find yourself implored by a popup ad to install something, often a piece of security software. A good rule of thumb here is to just avoid installing anything you didn’t go looking for. That will save you the trouble of downloading potentially risky software that won’t provide […]