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Who’s listening?

Most mobile devices will be initially set up with some forms of voice recognition active. Take the time to go through your settings and deactivate any voice-related assistive services to ensure your phone or tablet is not listening to your conversations unbeknownst to you and whomever you’re talking with.

How to safely manage your voice-controlled gadgets

Devices with voice recognition became much more common throughout the 2010s. The addition of Siri to the iPhone 4S in 2011 spurred major competition among tech vendors looking to put voice-powered assistants at the center of how end users interact with their phones, tablets, speakers and smart TVs. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, among others, […]

Deactivate voice commands for smart TVs if you don’t use them

Some smart TVs can be controlled with simple voice commands. Voice makes it easier to change channels or open apps, while creating some new privacy risks. The TV itself might be constantly listening to your conversations to collect audio data and then sending this information to a server over an unencrypted connection. Turn off this […]