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Don’t forget to use antivirus software to protect your computer

Cybersecurity threats have evolved, and people often talk about using password managers and cloud backups to stay safe online. But antivirus (AV) software is still important, especially for PCs and Macs. AV software scans for known threats and quarantines them to protect your data and privacy. Here are some tips for using antivirus software effectively: […]

Launch monthly malware checks

Have you been infected with malware? Aside from the regular warnings signs – popups, crashes, random messages and redirected browsers – there may be something you’ve missed. Run a malware scan every month or so to make sure you haven’t been compromised. Antivirus software will often give you a free scan, and if it does […]

Know the giveaway signs that your computer has malware

It’s important to be able to identify malware on your computer. The sooner you know malware is infecting your device, the faster (and more effectively) you can do something about it. Here’s a rundown of the most common symptoms: Suddenly appearing desktop icons. Frequent crashing. Popup ads. Constant browser redirection. Unsolicited messages. If any of […]

Pay attention to the permissions you’re giving to apps

After installing and opening a smartphone app, oftentimes your phone will ask if you’d like to give the app access to certain functionalities of your phone, such as your camera or microphone. You should be especially careful if it asks permission to access your data, such as your contacts. Even though there are security measures […]

Check for malware if your PC starts overheating

When a PC runs hot, it’s usually an indication that its processors are struggling with a workload. Sometimes, though, it can be sign that a malware infection is hijacking your CPU/GPU. If you notice a PC running hot for no apparent reason, run a virus/malware scan.