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Know the real difference between USB-A and USB-C

Reversible USB-C ports aren’t just slimmer than old-school USB-A ports – they’re also much faster in almost all instances. The USB specification does not support the USB-A connector after USB 3.2, meaning it can’t deliver the faster speeds of USB 4.0 and beyond. But USB-C can. Use USB-C for faster file transfers and better Ethernet […]

Disable your USB drive’s “auto-run” feature

As soon as you plug a flash drive into your computer, the system immediately starts opening and reading its contents. But what if the drive contains a virus? If you think this might be the case, hold the “Shift” key as you plug it in. This will stop the computer from automatically opening its files.

Use caution when plugging flash drives into your computer

Duqu, Flame and Stuxnet are specific types of malware that have spread via USB flash drives. Keep your computer safe by avoiding any unknown or strange drives. Rather than borrowing one from a friend or coworker, take the safer approach by purchasing a new drive from a trusted brand.   

Don’t plug foreign hard drives into your computer

Did you recently fill up your hard drive and now you need a new one? In this case, always buy a fresh hard drive from a trusted provider. Don’t make the mistake of taking the cheaper option by using an old one. If you find an extra hard drive in a desk drawer in your […]

Don’t throw away old hard drives or USB drives

If you have an old hard drive or USB thumb drive, think twice about throwing it away once you no longer need it. The data that was on it might still be recoverable if it had been technically deleted. Keeping the device in storage is a safer option.

Be careful with USB thumb drives

USB thumb drives aren’t quite as ubiquitous as they once were, but they’re still a popular way to store a lot of data on a very small device. That said, you should be careful when using them, especially if they belong to someone else. Thumb drives can carry malware or even electrical pulses that can […]